The Aabelard Story

At Aabelard, we’re following a great British tradition of creating designs that never go out of style. You know what we’re talking about: the classic trench coat, the Savile Row suit, the unmistakable Little Black Dress.

Our founder, Philippa, likes to feel ready for the day by putting on her apron. But she began to wonder why it wasn’t good enough for the demands she made of it, in the kitchen, the garden, the workshop. Why, when she enjoyed clothes, did she have to cover them with something that didn’t look great?  

Why was she wearing something that not only looked ordinary but didn’t actually work like an apron should? Where were the deep pockets, the long straps, the generous cuts of fabric? Why all the floral prints and boring stripes? What if you’re particularly petite, or a taller, larger person? What was out there for men?

Everybody needs aprons, but many avoid them because they’re not the most stylish of garments.

Philippa designed her aprons, hand-made the prototypes and tested them herself until she found the perfect fusion of utility and style. Aprons that not only do the work you need them to do, but do it beautifully.

With an Aabelard apron you’re not compromising, just like you wouldn’t with anything else.


Aabelard and you

Take a stroll through our product portraits and see how the Aabelard apron works for everyone, from the jewellery designer, the professional gardener to the tattoo artist. Whatever your age or style, we think the Aabelard apron will suit you. How will you wear yours?

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